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of San Francisco State University, San Francisco, California

Henry went to Independence high school, San Jose, California, 84-86. He was selected to the mount Hamilton athletic league all star team in 1986, and attended San Jose city college where he played under Percy Carr for two seasons with a top 20 national ranking.

Henry transferred to San Francisco state university in 1988. Henry became the team captain and led the Gators to a successful season and again a top 20 national ranking.

After college, Henry played professional basketball around the world, playing in places like China, Puerto Rico, America and Australia. Henry is now head coach of men's under 16's division 1 and division 3 teams at Reddam House.


from Fordham University Bronx,
New York.

Sanford Jenkins went to Ben Franklin High-School in Philadelphia, PA. He was a Starter for Varsity Men's Basketball 86 - 87 at Oak Hill Academy, Oak Hill Academy is an elite Basketball High School in the USA. He then transferred to Mouth of Wilson ,VA. where he was Starter for men's varsity basketball for 2 years.

Fordham University in the Bronx,NY
He was a Starter for Fordam Mens Basketball - 4 years Sanford went on to play internationally in Switzerland, Brazil, America, Ireland & Australia.
Sanford is now Coaching for Redlands, St. Augustine’s & ASCHAM girls schools, Manly Warringah Basketball Under 16 div 4. Sanford has also been asked to coach Manly Warringah division ONE Under 18’s Mens Basketball starting 2012
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What we

At Triple Threat Basketball we run regular training sessions for the young people of the greater Sydney area as well as individual coaching for those who require one on one coaching.

Basketball is not only a sport to play, learning the dedication and focus needed to succeed as a professional sports person can play an important part in the development of any young person by allowing young people to develop day to day personal skills that will enrich their journey thru any experience.

Using basketball as a tool for personal development Triple Threat Basketball can teach your children to apply these skills outside of the court and in their schooling and their future as successful adults in their chosen path.

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Triple Threat Basketball is connected with the NCAA.

Thru our contacts and wisdom we are able to give a definite advantage to young people within Australia. Providing the opportunity to be accepted into schools in the USA to pursue their dreams of success in the sport on a higher professional level than is accessible through studying in Australia. NBL & NBA awaits the selected youth.

We at Triple Threat Basketball are dedicated to nurturing untapped young talentfrom within Australia. Aside from the obvious benefits to the youth personally, the ability to showcase what Australia has to offer on an international level would raise Australia’s Sporting profile within professional basketball and the world.

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Why we

To us, basketball is a way of life, basketball is our passion.

Our aim is to help the youth of Australia by offering our services so as to develop the young talent here in Australia into the greatest basketball class ever to grace these borders and to create a strong Australian presence into the professional basketball arena would be ultimately fulfilling.

Popularity of Basketball within Australia is growing rapidly and we would like to enable Australian youth to be an active part of it on an international level not just simply being fans of games broadcast on ESPN!

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What are the

Learning the discipline and focus needed to succeed in Basketball truly gives a head start in all areas of life.

Triple Threat Basketball wants to develop future Professional Athletes of the highest level in Basketball so our nation can be proud to cheer for our youth on the highest of sporting levels.

Benefits of going to US to get colledge education thru using their skills learnt by Triple Threat Basketball and having a stronger opportunity to being accepted into playing in the NBL on home soil once their colledge education is complete. Also opening up opportunities to play internationally in other areas of the world on the same level.

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We both having played in America and being connected to the NCAA gives the sporting youth of Australia a unique opportunity to reach their goals with the best possible opportunity to make it into basketball at the highest level achievable possibly even into the NBA.

We at Triple Threat Basketball acknowledge the talent of the Australian youth and we know we can develop these children into very successful athletes that can possibly become some of Australia’s future talent in the world competition on a professional level.

Henry’s just coached a perfect season for his team. Henry proves Triple Threat Basketball takes children and teaches them to be champions!

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Per Child Per School Term. For Schools Only.

One on one coaching would depend on the circumstances and level of skill of individual children.


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